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About Our Company

Our Mission

Our mission here at Creative Image is to show groups throughout the United States that fundraising for nonprofit organizations can be easier and more effective than many fundraisers make it seem, and with our company, your organization not only has the chance to earn thousands of dollars (and always at least 100% profit), but families in your community get the opportunity to receive high quality photos that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Family and Children's Portrait Fundraising with NO Investment!

Creative Image Photography Fundraising is dedicated not only to helping you find new ideas for your portraits and fundraisers, but to showing you that you can make thousands of dollars in the process! There is NO risk, NO investment, and require nothing but group members with a desire to earn the funds they deserve!

Our picture fundraisers reach all organizations such as churches, schools, sports teams, youth groups, PTO, PTA, school clubs, Little League, Relay for Life branches, and so many other organizations to help them raise the funds they need. We are here to help any group in need of earning funds, so don't hesitate to contact us! Click here to receive a FREE Photography Fundraising Starter Pack!

The Most Profit in the Industry!

With our fundraisers, your organization has the opportunity to make an amazing amount of money in just a few weeks (always at least 100% profit). There is no catch! All your group does is offer community members a certificate for a FREE family portrait, antique style children's portrait, or black and white ColorBurst portrait, for just a $10 donation to your group. Your organization keeps the entire $10! Additionally, we pay you extra bonuses according to how many families are photographed for your fundraiser! Click here to see our bonus structure.

Anyone Can Earn Free Packages!

Not only do the two coordinators, who set up appointments and make sure your group members understand the rules of the portrait fundraiser, receive portrait packages absolutely free for all their hard work, but anyone who sells at least ten certificates can get a portrait package free! For just little work any of your volunteers can save up to hundreds of dollars!

For church portrait fundraisers, one pastor, reverend, etc. also receives his or her portrait package free!

Studio Quality Portraits Taken by Professional Photographers

Creative Image Fundraising employs only the most experienced and skilled photographers in the industry. We make sure to give you the best fundraising experience possible by producing high quality portraits on the highest quality Kodak photo paper and returning your portraits to you in a timely manner, along with several other poses. Additional portrait packages are available to purchase at the time of the portrait viewing. Click here to view our photo galleries.

The Only Company to Offer Black & White ColorBurst Portraits

At Creative Image, we not only offer family portrait fundraising, antique children's portraits fundraisers, and church directory fundraising, but we are the only business in the industry that offers the new Black and White ColorBurst portraits with the same high bonuses offered as family portraits! Click here to see our ColorBurst photography fundraiser.

A Team Dedicated to Your Success

At Creative Image we are concerned about your fundraising needs and want to help you in every way possible to reach your fullest fundraising potential. We take your situation, your community, and your goals and help you and your group construct the best strategy for conducting your fundraiser in your area. Our experienced team members are dedicated to one thing: helping you get to where you want to be. There is no catch, there is no investment. Just people here to help you earn the funds you deserve. Click here to see our mission and more about Creative Image Photography Fundraisers.

What are You Waiting For?

The most profit potential in the industry, new and innovative products that no other portrait fundraising companies offer, and quality service and consultants dedicated to help you through every step of your fundraiser. What is there to lose? Nothing! To request a free portrait fundraising package, simply click the link below or go to the "Contact Us" page to request a FREE portrait fundraising package!

Receive Your FREE Portrait Fundraising Starter Pack Today!

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